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Liberty for All

A Manifesto for Reclaiming Financial and Political Freedom

Liberty for All

Many people complain about fading prosperity and lost opportunity, without realizing they are, in fact, forfeiting their own economic freedom.

In today’s Darwinian economy, more and more Americans are losing faith in a seemingly broken system dominated by manipulative politicians and crony capitalists. While talk of personal freedom seems to be on everyone’s lips, many of us are discovering we have no idea how to gain true independence and keep it. The result: a nation of people who are infuriated, but passive; who know something’s wrong, but aren’t sure how to navigate the daunting obstacle course between themselves and a better life. Liberty for All pushes past the usual go-nowhere policy prescriptions to reveal what ordinary people can do to build their own self-reliance and enhance their odds of financial success.

In a sharp, funny, and entertaining narrative, Rick Newman embarks on a personal quest to improve his own self-reliance by camping with “doomsday preppers,” deconstructing the “rugged individualist” that politicians so often invoke and identifying the trap doors much of the American middle class has fallen into. Newman explores what it means to prepare, survive and actually flourish amid the upheaval that’s a constant in the modern economy. By detailing the ways we needlessly shackle ourselves, Newman presents a way to strive for the truest success of all: genuine independence. Liberty for All is a guide to enriching your prospects—and your life—by harnessing every freedom available.

Richard D'Aveni, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, author of Strategic Capitalism

“A brilliant and profound look at freedom.”
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