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It's a complicated world. I try to simplify it.

Rick Newman is senior columnist for Yahoo Finance in New York City, covering business news and the political economy for the world’s largest financial news site. Rick is also an occasional commentator on networks such as MSNBC, CNN and WNYC. Prior to arriving at Yahoo in 2013, Rick was chief business correspondent for U.S. News & World Report. Before that, he spent 12 years in Washington, where he covered the Pentagon for U.S. News. Rick was a 2019 finalist for the Gerald Loeb award for business journalism and a winner of the Gerald Ford award for reporting on national security. He’s the author of four books: Liberty for All: A Manifesto for Reclaiming Financial and Political FreedomRebounders: How Winners Pivot From Setback To SuccessFirefight: Inside the Battle to Save the Pentagon on 9-11; and Bury Us Upside Down: The Misty Pilots and the Secret Battle for the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Rick has two adult kids and lives in Westchester County, NY. Follow him on Twitter, @rickjnewman, where he’s just as likely to tweet about gardening as he is about the complexities of the Senate filibuster.  

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